You do not need to know anything about developing games in order to do this tutorial. We will teach you about game development as you go through and implement each step.

You do however need at least a basic level of understanding of the Rust programming language. That means that you can write Rust programs that do things like print to the terminal, define functions, use the Result and Option types, create modules, and use external crates. All of this is taught in The Rust Book and you can learn a lot of it as you go through this tutorial.

For example, one of the things we'll do in the second part of the tutorial is "implement traits" when we use the specs Entity-Component-System. You can do a lot of the tutorial without learning how to implement traits. When you get to that part and realize you need to know about traits, you can go back to The Rust Book and learn what you need.

We will not directly use many of the advanced features of the Rust language. Chapters 1 - 9 (and parts of Chapter 10) of The Rust Book cover everything you need. The chapters are relatively short, so please don't feel too discouraged if that seems like a lot!

Anyone can learn to program games with some patience and work. Don't forget to give yourself adequate time to understand each of the steps you take in the game. Just copying and pasting the code or blindly typing it in without understanding it won't be as effective as actually figuring out what every line and every change does.