You are viewing the documentation for a project that has not been released publically!

Some pages may be incomplete or incorrect, and links may be broken. I plan to release this as soon as possible, but also need to do a few more things (like write the rest of this documentation) before I can do that. Hopefully I will have more time to work on this soon. Thanks for your patience!

Codetour is a documentation tool for walking through the creation of multi-file projects and showing their development step-by-step. The tool is written in Rust, but is designed to be useful for showing the progression of any project written in any language(s).

Running the tool generates a static website that looks something like this:

Screenshot of codetour

Other related tools (e.g. mdBook) are great for writing books, tutorials, and even documentation, but don't necessarily suit the same purpose as codetour. Following the development of a full, multi-file project can be hard to do when the code snippets are inline with the rest of the explanation. Instead, in codetour, the code and the explanation are side-by-side. The reader is no longer expected to put together how the project should look on their own. We present everything exactly how they might see it in their own code editor.

This is a tool for teaching people how to author full projects that go beyond the small example programs we're used to learning about. I hope you're able to use it to share your favorite projects and help people learn to make them themselves!

-- Sunjay Varma (The author of codetour, documentation enthusiast)

Getting Started

Continue to Installation to learn how to install codetour on your computer and get started.

The rest of this documentation covers the many features of codetour. It's easy to get started with the tool and there are lots of neat features for you to try out! This software has been designed with care and we hope it enables you to clearly show people how to create amazing projects!

Browser Support

The website generated by codetour is designed specifically for certain web browsers. Limiting the browsers we support helps us keep codetour maintainable and also allows the generated website to be smaller in size. It also simplifies testing and reduces the amount of work required to ensure that a feature works correctly.

For detailed information about which browsers we support, please see the Browser Support section in the GitHub repository.


The codetour tool and all its source code is released under the Mozilla Public License v2.0.


Many parts of this tool have been inspired by mdBook, rustup, cargo, and other incredible tools written in Rust and other languages. This documentation for example, is largely written in the same format as mdBook. While that may change over time, we are very grateful for the community that built those tools and created that excellent documentation.