• Using Travis CI to Compare Rust Benchmarks

    This is a follow up to Lloyd’s excellent post on BenchApe aboutRust Performance Testing on Travis CI. If you haven’t read thatpost already, I suggest you sta...
  • Currying Functions in ES6

    Loosely defined, a curried function takes a single argumentand returns another function that takes the next argument until it canevaluate to a result.
  • Rust Code Coverage Guide: kcov + Travis CI + Codecov / Coveralls

    A comprehensive guide to generating code coverage for Rust projects, integrating that into Travis CI and publishing the results to either Codecov or Coveralls.
  • Visualizing Maze Generation

    In this post I will describe a method of generating mazes by modelling themaze as a tree of paths through a grid space.
  • Starting From Scratch

    If you’re looking for my old website or any of its content, you can still view it on the Internet Archive.