If you’re looking for my old website or any of its content, you can still view it on the Internet Archive.

I recently decided to move my blog from a self-hosted WordPress site to a GitHub Pages website open-sourced and hosted for free. There were a variety of reasons for this.

  1. Git + Flexibility - I am a programmer and I love my text editor. WordPress has gotten pretty nice over the last several years, but I don’t like being confined to its interface.

  2. Project sites - most of my various projects are hosted on GitHub and on GitHub pages using some sunjay.github.io/<project name> URL. I wanted there to be a root website when you visit sunjay.github.io.

  3. Easier publishing workflow - this goes back to having complete flexibility. My website is very simple, but sometimes I wish I could do more complicated things in the frontend. With a GitHub pages blog I can work in plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript. That makes it really easy to customize everything and make it my own. I am a well qualified web developer.

You can still do everything you could do previously on my old website. I have a Contact form if you need to contact me about something.